๐Ÿ™ˆMonkey Hash Club

The only way to have an NFT from our sub collection is to farm for it or buy an NFT from secondary market.

In the Monkey Hash Club ecosystem, you have the opportunity to farm your BHC for 30 days to receive a Monkey Hash Club NFT, with its name and mechanism yet to be determined. This exclusive sub-collection will have its own token ID, enabling you to trade the farmed NFT on Zuse or other secondary marketplaces currently available.

The Monkey Hash Club NFT sub-collection will be limited to 1,222 NFTs, with quantity determined by the community. The sole means of obtaining a newly minted NFT from this collection is either by farming a BHC or purchasing one from a holder who has farmed it.

The number of farmed NFTs per month will vary depending on the type of BHC you possess and its GEN serial number. Farm your BHC according to the following structure:

  • Mutant (30 days): 5 new MHC NFTs

  • Rare (30 days): 4 new MHC NFTs

  • Special Edition (30 days): 3 new MHC NFTs

  • GEN 1 (30 days): 3 MHC NFTs

  • GEN 2 (30 days): 2 MHC NFTs

  • GEN 3 (30 days): 1 MHC NFT

  • GEN 4 (30 days): 1 MHC NFT

  • Black Pass (60 Days): 1 MHC NFT

Please note that farming rates are subject to change. We also intend to utilize the Mascots for future staking multipliers or potentially as their own tier within the ecosystem, catering specifically to the NFT audience. Additionally, we are considering the implementation of our BHC tax system within the Monkey Hash Club ecosystem. Under this system, transactions made within our ecosystem, such as claiming farmed NFTs upon the conclusion of the farming period, would incur a charge in the form of $BHC tokens. This is proposed to further enhance engagement and strengthen the tokenomics in our NFT-centric community.



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