What is Bored Hash Club?

We’re not a simple NFT project, we’re in the process of creating a brand that will extend digitally and IRL.

How is the art generated?

The base designs were hand-drawn digitally and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator. These images were then taken through an AI code we created and then retouched in Adobe Photoshop to add more details. We have used also Adobe After Effects and Blender for collaborations or animated BHCs.

Does Bored Hash Club have merch or IRL items?

Our merchandise is ready for our holders, check on IRL. We're working also on many more IRL items for holders-only and the public.

Is Bored Hash Club a derivative?

No, we’re not a derivative. Our final mint art is very different from BAYC, we did take inspiration from them on some aspects.

Mint price of a Bored Hash Club?

Mint price will always be $260 in HBAR value.

How can I buy a Bored Hash Club?

You can buy one from Zuse.market at any moment or wait for a Mint date to be announced.

How many Bored Hash Club are there going to be?

There will be a total of 1,000 on the main collection which has 2 more sub-collections of 100 Mutants & Rares and 20 Special Editions.

What wallet do I need to use?

We recommend using Hashpack Wallet to store your Bored Hash Club NFT.

In what cryptocurrency is the mint?

The cryptocurrency you need to use is HBAR. We're working on other payment options.

Is there a Utility?

Our main utility is our community/DAO. Check more here

When will staking start?

We will share this information as soon as it becomes available, check also here

I own a BHC, what are the rarities?

Our NFT project art is very abstract, rarities are based on the art and GEN # quantities. Check more here in this beta system.

How to use the serum and mutate my BHC?

A total of 95 SERUMS will be released according to the GEN # dropped, we will giveaway 6 to our DAO members/Community which they can choose to use or sell. More info here

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